Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Afternoon Buzz: Spiderman the Musical?!?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Alright, Bogart. Start puffing away. Here's your afternoon buzz:

Apparently, some deranged big-shot producer was so happy with the success of Peter Parker's jazzy goofiness in Spider-Man 3 that he thought it would be a GOOD IDEA to produce a broadway musical version of the webhead's many escapades. Here are my thoughts:

But wait, it gets even better; this musical is being written by none other than U2's **THE EDGE** (with some help from that famous Robin-Williams-look-a-like).Wow. I think Bono should host a reality talent show on national television in which the American public gets to choose who plays our web-slinging hero. They can call it "So You Think You Can Do Whatever A Spider Can?"! Aaaanyway, you can read all about this upcoming masterpiece right here.

In other somewhat buzz-worthy news:

Here's a piece by the New York Times on
some of the new female members of the SNL cast. Yay. Now if they could only get some good writers, or Justin Timberlake to quit his music career and join them as a fulltime cast member...
Here's the official word on when Quentin Tarantino's
INGLORIOUS BASTERDS will hit theaters.(!!!)



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